More than 25 years of practical experience.

Why transactionfactory AG?

During the last 25 years, we did not only gain a vast amount of practical experience but realized more than 75 international projects. Of course, there have been mistakes, but we always learned from them. We are happy to be entirely independent it allows us to be flexible and courageous. We like smart theory, but we like practical implementation even better.

We also like to get straight to the point. We are still growing. Our employees, along with our network of specialized freelanceers, help us realizing even the most complex projects. You only pay for the services and workforce you used, rather than a vast and complex apparatus. Last but not least: even after 25 years, we still get as much joy out of our work as we did the very first day we started. This is us – transaction factory.

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Gohliser Straße 13
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