Digital bank and risk control with the new RegAPP.

Risk Solutions

RegAPP by transaction factory AG facilitates mobile risk monitoring and steering of risk processes in financial institutes and insurance companies. The application can be used online as well as on iPhones and iPads, and connects legacy systems with the digital world. A lot of managers use our RegAPP to respond promptly and trigger decision pathways.

App-driven consolidation and monitoring of processes and information – everything in real time.

The solution facilitates the aggregation of multiple data sources from an organization and the consolidated presentation of performance indicators for decision makers within companies (board, management, compliance officer, risk manager etc.). The relevant risk- and key figures for the financial services and insurance sectors are displayed in a bold yet simple manner on a dashboard. Drilldown and messaging enable decision makers to monitor and control the most important risk areas in a targeted manner.

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Mobile risk management: RegApp combines digitalized risk control and lean risk assessment. Deviations from risk figures are easily identified, decisions made within a digital, efficient and traceable workflow.

banks & insurances
financial service providers

This core banking and -brokerage system for digitized and tokenized assets and securities accounts supports custody of both classical and digitized assets. Focused on high performance for booking securities transactions in classical and DLT-based subledger infrastructure as well as tax and booking runs.

blockchain-based settlement
brokerage services
digital banking

Digital Banking Solutions

The depotsystem by transaction factory AG is a high performing core banking and portfolio system.  Brokerage modules provide full custody and settlement of transactions within classical financial instruments. Separate components ensure the safekeeping and transfer of digital assets , e.g., security tokens.,

The core banking and portfolio system manages issuance, custody and redemption of regulated security tokens and non-regulated utility tokens offering users access to further valuable services or products.

Brokerage services for digitized assets will be provided with either the classical security account-based or modern wallet- like user experience. Core banking and brokerage components provide classical and blockchain-based settlement interfaces. The settlement of digital assets is set up on new gateways linked to blockchain-based settlement ecosystems and facilitates immediate DvP-settlement.

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